Available Pups

No Pups until 2022! We are taking a break!


7 PUPPIES BORN June 5th 2019- 3 females and 4 males. 2 available 1 female and 1 male. Puppies all sold except for Piper whom we kept.  804-572-0000 Sarah McKennon or 540-226-9687 Scott McKennon.




Helga 2018



Daddy Rolo



If you are interested in purchasing a Maremma please read over this site to be sure this breed is the right fit for your farming needs.

We are located in Spotsylvania VA 22534 and are not breeding again until 2022. We offer some transportation  on the East coast for a fee.

e-mail aparentingmatter@gmail.com .





Below is a blog I found about picking pups. I agree with most of this discussion. I believe the Maremma works best in a pair or team depending on stock and acreage amount. A natural pack hierarchy will develop as the dogs age out or take leave from their duties. This is not predictable at puppy age. A quote in the Blog posted  by Louise Liebenberg   states “…there is a role for all personality’s types in a litter of guardian dog pups and one type is not better than another.”  This I believe is true in a puppy pack and adult pack. Our dogs keep our stock and people safe and the “Top Dog” role depends on the presence, age and health if the other dogs.” Predators do not usually enter our property and those that  do have not reached the stock. With that said we have never lost any stock since we got our dogs. Prior we had many chickens disappearing and concerns with a coyote and bear eyeing the sheep. Another quote I could relate to in the blog was “When a breeder raises the pups in a working environment, ensures they have a great start, are healthy and well fed, then every pup has a good foundation to becoming a well rounded LGD.” Finding good breeding practices that meet your farming needs is best. The breeder should be able to relate to your circumstance and offer guidance regarding the parents working skills, safety tips, and tips regarding how to grow up pups for the first two years. While pure black noses are pretty, they fade with age. Dew claws have little to do with working abilities and patches of cream colored fur do not affect their drive to guard. The instinct is there and is very hard to remove when breeders breed for good health history and work abilities rather than looks. Click link below to view blog:

LGD Puppy Selection