The Katahdin is an improved breed of hair sheep, the first hair breed to meet North American industry standards for meat. The Katahdin is a cross between British meat breeds, notably the Suffolk, African Hair sheep, specifically the St. Croix, and later the Wiltshire Horn. They were developed in the 1950’s by amateur geneticist Michael Piel and take their name from Mt. Katahdin in Maine where the Piel farm was located.

The Katahdin is an easy-care, low-maintenance meat-type sheep that is naturally tolerent of climateic extremes and capable of high performance in a variety of environments. One of the most outstanding characteristics of the Katahdin is its natural resistance to internal parasites. The Katahdin is one of the most popular breeds of registered sheep in the U.S.

Supplement needs in Virginia: Selenium

Toxicity Issues: Copper

Breed categories: Hair (meat)

Distribution: North America, Caribbean, Asia

Summer look after shedding


Accepting deposits until after weaning for Adult Ewes 5/1/19. We have Ewes & limited Ram Lambs FOR SALE. 5 Adult ewes between 4 years and 2  years old all have been bred and delivered lambs accept one first time Mom who is due any day. CURRENT crop of around 13 Lambs born between NOVEMBER 2018 – FEBRUARY 2019 are $125-$150 each- 7 ewe lambs currently available.

1 Adult White Ram $375 available now. Sold

3 Adult Ewes $250 each  Available now.

3 Ewe Lambs $125

2 Bottle raised ewes born 11/18 weaned, very tame lambs $150 Sold

These sheep have been bred to be parasite resistant and are a shedding breed. Many may need assistance first year with shed (we hand pull if necessary). Hoof trim is necessary quarterly we use large scissors. Most illnesses can be connected to poor hoof maintenance or mineral deficiency.  Our sheep are raised on mother’s milk and in a pasture. We currently have 2 ewe lambs weaned from bottles, eating grain and hay, very friendly, live in yard with dogs and cats. We also have a bottle ram just a few days old. Any questions call Scott at 540-226-9687 or Sarah 804-572-0000

Current Available Sheep from Breeding Herd

Crossed out names are not available

41 (R) Peter and (E)Snow White – She is a pure white, tall curious lamb that likes to follow her brother.

Snow White


42 (E) Martha & (E) Helen – Martha is a black and white curious and energetic lamb  Helen is a white bouncy lamb that follows her sister.

43 (R) Mocha Latte and (R) Oreo  She is a 4 year old Ewe very friendly leader of the herd.  Color: Black/Brown and White. Available 5/1/19 SOLD



50/50 (R) Lamb-Chop  She is a 2year old Ewe who is very vocal and not shy. She is half black and half white, tall, energetic and beautiful.



Meat Head  (R) Curly and (E)Pinky – She is a tall and thick lamb that is very energetic.

Jamaica (R) Moose She is a beautiful, tall, calico 2 year old Ewe

Cali (E) Cookie She is a white and calico 2 year old sheep that follows the herd SOLD

35 (E) Cinnamon Sugar – 35 is a beautiful and friendly 4 year old tall Ewe Cinnamon Sugar is a tall and thick, white and tan, curious and friendly ewe lamb.



Weaned LAMB  Tippy 2- She is a sweet and curious very vocal black lamb with a white tipped tail SOLD

Weaned LAMB Hattie – She is a very friendly and curious mostly brown, tall lamb with a white top on her head.