Welcome to Mymaremma! Explore this site to learn about the Maremma breed, to find out about past puppies and to connect with useful information about homesteading with guardian dogs. We are not breeding again until 2022.  Click this link to view a video of previous years puppies and their farm.


Litter of 7 from 2019.

Here are last 2018 pups they all found forever farms!


Pups were $450 if reserved until 8 weeks and $600 at 12 weeks, 1,000 at 6 months and 1,200 at 8 months.  All Sold except Piper now Vidar as we kept him.

Location: Virginia 22534
Breed: Maremma Sheepdogs
Registered: no (mom can be, dad line untraced) both working.

Date of Birth: June 5th 2019

Date ready to leave: 7/31/19 at the earliest (8 weeks) if acceptable farm with another guardian dog. 8/31/19 (12 weeks) or can stay longer if buyer would like for training from mom and dad with food and board expenses.
Breeder support for purchaser: yes
Written contract: no

Other: Parents are on site and are both excellent working dogs. Puppies were born out in the sheep pen and exposed to sheep, dairy cows, horses and chickens. They can be cable trained with chickens at buyers request.

Health testing of parents: Regular check ups for female. Male sees farm vet for shots, has not needed a vet since puppy time.
Worming schedule: 4, 6, 8, weeks, additional if here.
Vaccination schedule: 11 weeks, 14 weeks additional if here.
Microchipped: no, can be at buyers expense.

There was some breeder delivery available for East coast for a fee. Two pups went to upstate New York and one went to Massachusetts, and two went to North Carolina

Please explore this site for more info or email me at aparentingmatter@gmail.com:


This site was created to assist in determining if a Maremma is the right type of dog for prospective buyers farm or homesteading needs. Click the links to learn about the breed, why we breed, how to train the Maremma to guard your farm and to view currently available pups. We love our dogs and their pups and will do all we can to place pups in the best possible environments according to how they respond to exposure to animal kinds. We have a variety of live stock (sheep, chickens, chicks, horses, and cows ) and offer exposure to these animals through fencing or face to face depending on the kind and the age of the pup. We also have domestic dogs and cats as well as farm visitors and children that are part of the natural environment on our homestead. Pups are able to be cable trained after 10 weeks for individualized exposure to poultry.


Available Pups

No Pups until 2022! We are taking a break!


7 PUPPIES BORN June 5th 2019- 3 females and 4 males. 2 available 1 female and 1 male. Puppies all sold except for Piper whom we kept.  804-572-0000 Sarah McKennon or 540-226-9687 Scott McKennon.




Helga 2018



Daddy Rolo



If you are interested in purchasing a Maremma please read over this site to be sure this breed is the right fit for your farming needs.

We are located in Spotsylvania VA 22534 and are not breeding again until 2022. We offer some transportation  on the East coast for a fee.

e-mail aparentingmatter@gmail.com .





Below is a blog I found about picking pups. I agree with most of this discussion. I believe the Maremma works best in a pair or team depending on stock and acreage amount. A natural pack hierarchy will develop as the dogs age out or take leave from their duties. This is not predictable at puppy age. A quote in the Blog posted  by Louise Liebenberg   states “…there is a role for all personality’s types in a litter of guardian dog pups and one type is not better than another.”  This I believe is true in a puppy pack and adult pack. Our dogs keep our stock and people safe and the “Top Dog” role depends on the presence, age and health if the other dogs.” Predators do not usually enter our property and those that  do have not reached the stock. With that said we have never lost any stock since we got our dogs. Prior we had many chickens disappearing and concerns with a coyote and bear eyeing the sheep. Another quote I could relate to in the blog was “When a breeder raises the pups in a working environment, ensures they have a great start, are healthy and well fed, then every pup has a good foundation to becoming a well rounded LGD.” Finding good breeding practices that meet your farming needs is best. The breeder should be able to relate to your circumstance and offer guidance regarding the parents working skills, safety tips, and tips regarding how to grow up pups for the first two years. While pure black noses are pretty, they fade with age. Dew claws have little to do with working abilities and patches of cream colored fur do not affect their drive to guard. The instinct is there and is very hard to remove when breeders breed for good health history and work abilities rather than looks. Click link below to view blog:

LGD Puppy Selection 





Breed Selection and Cost Effectiveness

PUPS & Cost

Pinky 10/17

Pups all went to their forever farms. Our pups were health checked by a veterinarian on 8/16/19. They were vaccinated 8/24/19  also wormed regularly after 3 wks of age.  Pups were active in farm training since they could see. They were born outside on the farm in a enclosure next to the stock and have been free ranged daily with the stock (cows, horses, sheep, chickens, cats and calves since 6 weeks old. Price increases for older pups due to increase in feed consumption, vet visits, shots and more required supervision/training on the farm. The pups can be shipped for an additional expense for the buyer. Some transportation is available by breeder on East coast. We sell our pups at a lower price because we do not register our dogs in order to keep the cost down for those looking for reliable full-blood working Maremma pups. A registered pup  average cost is $800-$1,200. Our price does increase for older pups because they become more valuable as they age. They have more of the farm exposure, daily training from guardian dogs and people, health care, and are fed healthy diets. Older or adult trained dogs will be priced according to individual abilities. Click link for current pup availability.




Shelby (blue collar) 11/17

Breeding Selection

Our dogs are protecting our sheep, chickens, horses and cows at our homestead day and night!  They bond with their assigned livestock staying in close proximity to them. We have chosen to breed our dogs because of their behavioral and health qualities.



Helga is 75 pounds (above), and is the Mother Dog to our current litter. She has had no health problems or wandering issues. Helga is an excellent mother and provides social and guard training to her pups daily after they are weaned (around 6 wks) until they are placed at their new farms or are mature enough to guard on their own. She was a calm pup and is a proactive guardian dog with excellent protective instincts. In less than a year she learned to accept correction and quickly adapted to new boundaries and livestock requirements. She was not resistant to being placed on a cable and housed easily in her guarding pasture while tied during training years. Rolo the Father Dog also has had excellent health. He has had only one incident requiring a vet visit after a playful puppy injury at 6 months of age. He is loyal and respects boundaries and verbal instruction regarding guarding duties. He has introduced and trained puppies in farm guarding with great success. He too is easily placed on a cable when need be (Elderly or fearful visitors, construction on property, formal events on property, etc). Both dogs can be trusted around children, other pets and company that is introduced to them accordingly. We believe these traits offer the best temperament for a homesteading environment.





Our first Maremma Ragnar (above with puppy Rolo), was as a rescue from a farmer in the foothills of Central Virginia. He was not a registered purebred but was noted as a purebred Maremma working dog.

Ragnar’s father name unknown mother is in the distance.

Our second dog Rolo (Below) is 80 pounds and the sire of our current litter He came from Woodsong Naturals Farm https://www.facebook.com/woodsongnaturalsfarm/   from a registered sire and Ragnar’s sister (Photos not available).






Our third dog Helga (Above) is 75 pounds and is from the Sire – Registered Male Benelli Vinci (Below right) and Mother Dog – Barrett (Below left) both from Finder Hampshire Farm. Benelli came from Janice Buttita out of Vincenzo x Donatella. Barrett is out of Bonnie x Ruger of Finder Hampshire.







*If you are not fully satisfied with your pup we will take the pup back (owner must cover cost of transport) to re-home during its first year of life.


         Contact:  Scott McKennon
540-226-96875 or email scott@abulldog.com